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Rowad Tourism Company (ROTO.CA) is an Egyptian-based public shareholding company that has a portfolio of companies operating in tourism urbanization and development. Through its subsidiaries the holding company is engaged in tourism development and construction activities; ownership, construction, leasing and management of hotels and touristic resorts, as well as in related operations, including touristic transportation services and commercial agency services.


Basic information

Company Name       : Rowad Tourism


Company Purpose    : Operating in tourism urbanization & developments as well as

acquiring, leasing & managing tourist facilities & hotel.


Establishing Date      : 10 October 1994


Financial Year Start   : 1st Quarter


Auditors                  : KPMG - Hazem Hassan


Owners                   : Banque Misr                                                                      (19.78%)

                                   Egyptian Life Insurance Co.                                                (37.44%)

                                  Misr Insurance Co.                                                              (19.31%)

                                  Free Floats                                                                           (23.45%)

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